Healthiness Ltd

Healthiness Ltd is a Not for Profit Social Enterprise based in Central and South Liverpool wards funded by the Big Lottery.

We run several wonderful classes at the Lark Lane Community Centre including our Healthiness Social, Let’s Get Healthy and Fun Fitness for the over 50’s.

Please visit our website for the latest information about classes.

Our aim is to facilitate local health promotion schemes, intervention programs and independent consumers to increase opportunities for participation in physical activity.

We provide health and fitness education to groups in the form of physical activity, nutritional guidance and educational classes, promoting increased health awareness in order to attain optimal health and achieve public health objectives.

We deliver our program in community centres, residential care home settings, day care and resource centres across South Liverpool.

We have a thorough understanding of the barriers that vulnerable adults may encounter when deliberating participation in a physical activity program which is why we have carefully selected a program delivery method that reduces barriers to participation and promotes long term adherence to exercise.

For more information or to contact us directly please visit