SuSu West African Drumming

susu logoWe run a West African drumming class on Tuesdays at 7.30pm-9pm.

Drums are provided and beginners are welcome!

£7 per session.

SuSu Drumming and Dance is the creation of musician Ibro Soumah, who is from the Susu people of Guinea, Conakry, and who is one of the UK’s leading Dundunfolas and an experienced Djembe player. Ibro is specialised in the traditional Guinea rhythms for drumming where three drums Dundun, Sangban and Kenikeni are played together to accompany Djembe.  IbroSoumahtraddress

Ibro trained from an early age in the musician town of Simbaya Gare in Conakry, an area renowned for its schools of Guinean drum and dance. His knowledge of traditional Guinean music encompasses Susu, Malinke, and Fula rhythms.

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“Drumming is the simplest thing that groups of people can do to come together and unite in peace, harmony and love.”

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